Robert Reich on Chained CPI

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President Barack Obama Speaks to the DNC

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Bill Clinton Speaks to the DNC

This was possibly the best speech at the Democratic National Convention

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Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx on CBS News talks DNC

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Romney-Ryan Economic Plan Explained

View Robert Reich and his economics whiteboard:

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Anthony Foxx files for re-election

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Precinct Organization Update

John White, Jyoti and I have been busy organizing new precincts for the Democratic Party in Mecklenburg County.  Since May we have organized 12 new precincts.  Last night we had another successful precinct organized in South Charlotte with the help of Connie Green-Johnson.  12 people came to the meeting!

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Beware of the Radical Republican Agenda

Republicans in the NC General Assembly this week released their “slash and burn” budget. And the Raleigh News and Observer called it like it is, “Republicans in the state House have failed. They have failed the state and its people.” Our Democratic representatives are fighting tooth and nail to protect jobs and education but they need YOUR help in spreading the word. Post this on your blog, Facebook, and Tweet about it. Educate North Carolina about the destructive hand of the Republican-controlled General Assembly; because if they have their way, the state will be set back “to a point from which it might never recover.”

Proposed deep cuts to early childhood education:

Billion dollar cut to UNC system and K-12 education:

Eliminate 1,400 jobs, cut public safety and prison funding by 10%:

Take education to “bare-bones” level:

Eliminate more than 8,600 teaching positions

Increased auto insurance rates:

Republican assault on the environment:

Still determined to kill federal high speed rail grant that would bring more than 4,000 jobs:

Held hostage unemployment benefits for 37k North Carolinians for political gain:


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NCDP/MCDP Press Conference Blasts GOP (Charlotte Observer)

Click the link below for the full story.

Democratic chairman blasts GOP for tying jobless benefits, budget cuts | & The Charlotte Observer Newspaper.

On April 15, North Carolina Democratic Party Chair David Parker and Mecklenburg County Democratic Party Chair Aisha Dew held a press conference in front of East Mecklenburg High School to highlight the Republican attempt to require budget cuts to public education in order to extend benefits for the unemployed in North Carolina.

Photo by Henk Jonker

Pictured (left to right) are Rep. Rodney Moore, Douglas Wilson (NCDP 2nd Vice Chair), David Parker (NCDP Chair), Marc Friedland (MCDP Secretary) and Frank Deaton (MCDP 1st Vice Chair)

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Stop the Voter ID Bill in Raleigh

On Wednesday, April 13, my wife Jyoti, my daughter Mainjari and I joined a Democracy North Carolina rally in front of the North Carolina legislature building  in Raleigh to protest the Republican proposed voter ID bill in the North Carolina General Assembly.  The bill was supposed to be presented that day on the House floor, but the sight of 100 people in the gallery in red shirts opposing the bill showed the Republicans’ chicken heart when they refused to present the bill with the full gallery. See photos below.

Around 40 people got on the bus in Charlotte at 7:00 am to go to Raleigh. We were joined by more along the way and still more in Raleigh. Speakers at the rally included several NC legislators from Charlotte led by Rep. Rodney Moore and others from around the state. Also the President of the NC NAACP gave a very inspired speech that clearly explained how the voter ID bill was an abridgement of the right to vote. Also speaking were representative of Homeless Helping Homeless from Charlotte who would be directly impacted by the proposed law.

After the rally, we had a meeting with Rep. Rodney Moore inside the legislature building where we heard from the President of Democracy North Carolina, Rep. Moore, Becky Carney and others. After the meeting we visited the offices of Speaker Tillis and other legislators to leave a pile of notices voicing our opposition to the bill.

This is a difficult time for our Democratic legislators in Raleigh as the Republican control of the NC House and Senate gives them little chance of moderating the Republican onslaught that hasn’t created one new job.

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