Stop the Voter ID Bill in Raleigh

On Wednesday, April 13, my wife Jyoti, my daughter Mainjari and I joined a Democracy North Carolina rally in front of the North Carolina legislature building¬† in Raleigh to protest the Republican proposed voter ID bill in the North Carolina General Assembly.¬† The bill was supposed to be presented that day on the House floor, but the sight of 100 people in the gallery in red shirts opposing the bill showed the Republicans’ chicken heart when they refused to present the bill with the full gallery. See photos below.

Around 40 people got on the bus in Charlotte at 7:00 am to go to Raleigh. We were joined by more along the way and still more in Raleigh. Speakers at the rally included several NC legislators from Charlotte led by Rep. Rodney Moore and others from around the state. Also the President of the NC NAACP gave a very inspired speech that clearly explained how the voter ID bill was an abridgement of the right to vote. Also speaking were representative of Homeless Helping Homeless from Charlotte who would be directly impacted by the proposed law.

After the rally, we had a meeting with Rep. Rodney Moore inside the legislature building where we heard from the President of Democracy North Carolina, Rep. Moore, Becky Carney and others. After the meeting we visited the offices of Speaker Tillis and other legislators to leave a pile of notices voicing our opposition to the bill.

This is a difficult time for our Democratic legislators in Raleigh as the Republican control of the NC House and Senate gives them little chance of moderating the Republican onslaught that hasn’t created one new job.

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3 Responses to Stop the Voter ID Bill in Raleigh

  1. Barney says:

    You Dems are afraid to have voter ID, you know you depend on voter fraud and illegals to support your socialist agenda. I like you comment at the end. How about what the Dem leadership has done to this country. Look at our debt..out of control and you can not blame Bush for that. Look at unemployment…and what is your dear President doing? Playing golf. Yep.

  2. Marc Friedland says:

    Hi Barney. Thanks for your comment. First, the incidents of voter fraud are insignificantly small. It’s a non problem. As for socialism, I didn’t hear you guys complaining about W’s socialist bailout of the banks in 2008. I’d like to see a little bit of that “socialism” for small businesses.

    Of course I can blame Bush for the out of control debt. If you look at history, costs always go up over time. If revenue doesn’t increase, you get debt. The Bush tax cuts for the wealthy caused much of the debt. Tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy are just a just a smoke screen for robbing from the poor to give to give to the rich.

    Unemployment? With the banks sitting on all their cash and not lending it out, it’s impossible for small businesses to grow and hire new employees. Small businesses (according to the SBA) were responsible for 75% of new job growth before the current recession. I might give the Republicans some credit if they could come up with a plan to stimulate the small business economy. But they would rather promote the economy of the big bank accounts of their wealthy supporters.

  3. Barney says:

    So you blame Bush for all the money Obama spent? We need more tax payers…not more taxes. The rich pay most of the taxes and this info comes directly from the IRS. We need to stop spending money to control the debt and the government must reduce it’s size. The government does not produce jobs, but can kill them. The Bush tax cuts did not create the debt we are in now. Funny how when the Dems controlled the house and the senate they could not get anything done…except for the Health Care Reform fiasco.

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